Bringing nations together... in service, in unity, and in love.

The Lori Landin Foundation serves individuals and organizations throughout Kenya through financial assistance, resources, and training in health, medical, education, and business.

We are a Global Non-Profit Organization: Bringing nations together... in service, in unity, and in love.

Reaching out to the one... in their unique need.

One Individual. One Family. One Organization.

We also provide funding / resources for the building of shelters, schools, libraries, farms, training centers / learning centers, and other Essentials For Life.

We promote self-reliance and giving back in service to others...

December 2023

When the floods hit in the Nairobi area, the river went right through the Kibera Slums and caused destruction and death.

Nineteen children from the Kibera Children's home died.0

When we heard the news, we jumped in to help.

Our Manager and team members went to work, risking their own lives to save the remaining 277 children in the home which was now in the middle of the river.

They had no food, no warm clothing, and they were dying. We rescued them. Every one of them. All of the remaining 277 children were saved.

Our team pumped out the water and dried their small home. They dug trenches to redirect the water away from the home.

We purchased some warmer clothing, jackets, and food for the children.

We got medical aid for a young girl who was very ill.

Out of the 19 children who died, only 3 were claimed by family members.

We provided the burial for the 16 children who were unclaimed.

And then came the Christmas Holiday.

THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION was blessed to be able to provide Christmas for over 1100 orphan children.

Over 800 of these children were located in Kenya.

Our Manager and team members were able to provide a nice meal, a soccer/football game, other games, movies, and cakes/treats for all of the children.

The community came out to witness these children having fun... including the 277 who had just been rescued.

It was beautiful.

The smiles on their faces were priceless.

Saving Lives

We have saved hundreds of individuals through medical care, food, water, and rescue from natural disasters in Kenya.

Providing Opportunity

We are providing hundreds of children and adults in Kenya with opportunities in education, arts, athletics, skill training, business, coaching, life, etc.

Promoting Self-Reliance and Giving Back in Service to Others

Through education, skill training, business, and coaching we are promoting self-reliance in Kenya and through our example of service, we are encouraging those we serve to give back by serving others.

Bringing Nations Together

We are Bringing Nations Together: in service, in unity, and in love.

Our managers in various countries are serving together. Our Foundation Family Group Meetings include members from various countries. We are serving together to make the world a better place and to help those in need.

Making Global Impact

The Lori Landin Foundation is currently serving in 6 countries. We have over 20 countries in line waiting for us to open service. We need your support!

We are making GLOBAL IMPACT!

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A small step can

change lots of lives

The Lori Landin Foundation Football (Soccer) Club was started with a handful of orphan boys/children in poverty. It has grown to serve over 80 boys and girls and is making a major impact throughout the country of Kenya.

They have placed 1st in the Football Kenya Federation League Standings in multiple age divisions.

It has become a life-changing opportunity for children in poverty.


A small step can

change a lot of lives

If each of us can expand our giving heart... even if what we are able to give is small to us... it will make a major difference in many lives.

Small steps lead to major impact.

Did you know that in Africa... 100 children can be fed for an entire month with less than $300?

A little goes a long way. It saves lives.

We are saving thousands of lives through food, water, and medical care.

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A small step can

change a lot of lives

Did you know that there are children praying for an education?

They ask for paper, pencils, and books so that they can learn.

They ask for help with school fees.

They need school uniforms.

...And when we are able to help children in poverty get into school, they excel to the top of their class. They do not take their education for granted.

We are currently working to serve the orphans and the children in poverty in Kenya.

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