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Join Us In Giving!

Giving Heart Partner: BRONZE

Our Bronze Level Partners have made a donation of $100 or more to THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION.

  • TonniLea Ministries: The Healing Conference

  • Michelle Wilson

  • Diane Johnson

  • Daniel Gomez

  • James Brock

  • The Butterfly Publishing Company - Lori Raupe, Founder

  • Roberta Pemberton

  • Leslie DeMarco

  • ...and other Anonymous Donors

Giving Heart Partner: SILVER

Our Silver Level Partners have donated $500 or more to THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION.

  • "The Farmer Family"

  • Geri Whaley, Phd.

  • Allyssa Elledge

  • Joel Holc

  • ...and other Anonymous Donors

Giving Heart Partner:


Our Gold Level Partners have donated $1000 or more to THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION.

  • "The Scribner Family"

  • ...and other Anonymous Donors

Giving Heart Partner: PLATINUM

Our Platinum Level Partners have donated $3,000 or more to THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION.

  • Alma Ibrahim

  • Steven & Brittany Pemberton

  • Norman Wasserman

  • Lori Landin

  • ...and other Anonymous Donors

Giving Heart Partner:

Recurring Donors

Our Recurring Donors have chosen to set up a recurring donation to THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION.

  • Maurice Werner, Werner Technology Solutions

  • Geri Whaley, Phd.

  • Jean Mayland, My Angel Alert Band

  • Otencia Hanley, Oualie Business Solutions

  • Doug Roy, Master of The Unexpected

  • Dan Hickox

  • Terry Thompson

  • Thomas Andrews

  • Lowell Mora

  • Mitch Neufeld

  • Lori Landin

  • ...and other Anonymous Donors

Giving Heart Partner:

Business Partners/Sponsors

Our Business Partners/Sponsors have chosen to partner (endorse and align their Businesses) with THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION. They have chosen to make us a "Charity of Choice" by supporting and promoting the Foundation.

We would also like to support them in return. Please check out the Business Partner/Sponsor section below to learn more about these wonderful people and their businesses. They would love to serve you.

  • NRG's "Charity of Choice" Network Referral Group

    Mike Weiner

  • "A Recommended Charity" of ACHIEVE Business Systems-Robert Raymond


    Norman Wasserman, Concert Director/Producer

  • Impact CFO

    Lowell Mora, (Foundation Financial Advisor)

  • Burton's Bookkeeping, LLC

    Heather De Jesus, (Foundation Bookkeeper)

  • Publisher & Coach

    Adam Fleming, (Foundation Fundraising Coach)

  • MarketingAI

    Rob Ratliff (Foundation Marketing Team)

  • LifeWave Stem Cell Re-Activating Patch

    Geri Whaley, Phd

  • Business CashFlow Solutions

    Jeff Johnson

  • Werner Technology Solutions

    Maurice Werner

  • MyAngelAlertBand

    -Jean Mayland

  • Financial Educator / How Money Works

    Lee Rosenblum

  • Master Of The Unexpected

    Doug Roy

  • Apex Money Management & Consulting Inc.

    Chase Dobler

  • Bradley K. Warren and Associates

    Brad Warren

  • Qualie Business Solutions

    Otencia Hanley

  • Blue Jeans and Berries

    Terry Thompson

  • Health Insurance Consulting

    Thomas Andrews

  • Legal Shield / ID Shield

    Dan Hickox

  • Fidelity Payment Services

    Mitch Neufeld

  • Go 4 Hire

    Jared Logan

  • Lori Landin Events
    "Charity of Choice"

Lori Landin

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Our Business Partner / Sponsor Information!

We are so grateful for each of you (listed or unlisted) who have supported us and/or contributed to the cause. We look forward to your continued support as we move forward in this journey of global impact...together.

💥Together... We Can Change The World! 💥

Our Business Partners / Sponsors

Our Business Partners/Sponsors have chosen to partner (endorse and align their Businesses) with THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION.

They have chosen to make us a "Charity of Choice" by supporting and promoting the Foundation.

We would also like to support them in return.

Please check out our Giving Heart Business Partners/Sponsors below to learn more about these wonderful people and their businesses.

They would love to serve you.

NRG - Network Referral Group - Mike Weiner

NRG has expanded nationwide and internationally with the goal to help members through warm referrals. In fact, at the first meeting, you will get three referrals and then once you join, Mike Weiner, NRG CEO will blow your phone up with 23 referrals! For more information, please please reach out to Mike directly at 1-444-375-6965.


NRG's "Charity of Choice"!

ACHIEVE Business Systems - Robert Raymond

Achieve Systems has chosen to make THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION "A Recommended Charity" and a "Preferred Referral Partner".

Join Achieve and select THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION as the Referral Partner who referred you.

Become a member:


"A Recommended Charity of Achieve Systems"


Friend Entertainment USA, in New York, has been fundraising for nonprofits for over 34 years.

Having a concert with professional talent for your nonprofit organization is a powerful fundraising strategy that has brought in hundreds of thousands of needed dollars. Norman has perfected the whole process, from booking the performer(s), to renting the venue, to printing programs, to publicizing the concert.

It is a powerful way for you to make more money and gain new supporters for your nonprofit.

We all want to make a difference in the world. Friend Entertainment USA is Norman's way of making a difference for you and the people you serve.

Contact Norman: Concert Director/Producer

Office 1-631-698-9696

Cell: 1-631-987-8477



Rob Ratliff

Winning new business in today’s world seems so complicated, but it really comes down to these three things. Getting Leads, Converting Leads, and Continued Improvement of Marketing Strategies. We help you do those three things consistently to increase sales and growth.

Werner Technology Solutions -

Maurice Werner

*Are you having any computer or network issues?

*Are you aware of the cybersecurity threats like RansomWare and hacks present today?

*Are you utilizing one of your employees to take care of your computer systems and if so, how much time does that take away from their real job to make your business money?

*Are you unhappy with your current IT services provider?

*Is your critical data be backed up and if so, when was the last test recovery of files been performed as a test?

*Do you have a business continuity plan if a disaster (fire, flood, hurricane, tornado) occurred?

If you answered yes to any of the above, call Werner Technology Solutions for a free 1-hour telephone consultation with no obligation!

Werner Technology Solutions (a division of Werner Enterprises Solutions LLC) has been delivering results since 1995. We provide information technology goods and
services to small and medium-sized businesses. Our mission is to ensure that your business technology operations run securely and efficiently so you can concentrate on your business.

We have over 21 years of experience in the Information Technology industry and translate that into robust and effective IT solutions for businesses in Houston and surrounding areas. We’re committed to providing first-class professional customer service and passionate about exceeding your expectations – making “Technology a Tool” for you.

Maurice A. Werner
281.660.3243 (M)

281.598.8365 (O)


Jean Mayland

My Angel Alert Band is making a dramatic enhancement to medical emergency response by

transforming outdated medical ID bracelets and implementing new features to save more lives.

When Seconds Count, My Angel Alert Band instantly shares the wearer’s vital medical information with a

first responder when they tap your Angel Alert with their smartphone.

We’ve implemented the highest

level of secure technology available today.

We applaud EMTs & medical caregivers for all they do! And we are proud to contribute to making their

jobs more efficient. By providing quicker access to detailed information, we can reduce unintentional

medical errors and save more lives.

“Emergencies Don’t Wait for Words” ----

Let MyAngelAlertBand speak for you when you can’t!

Order for you or your loved ones today!

Go 4 Hire - Jared Logan

Go 4 HIRE is a career services and staffing company founded by Jared Logan with a goal to help job seekers and companies achieve success. Our Staffing and Recruiting services are aimed to help small business owners, HR representatives, and hiring managers build effective teams and improve workplace culture. For job seekers, we offer nationally certified Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Interview Coaching, and Essay Writing for students. Visit us anytime at:

Jared Logan
908-GO4HIRE (908-464-4473)

Financial Educator-

Lee Rosenblum

Lee Rosenblum

Financial Educator

(310) 213-8478

Lee, a licensed social worker for 30 years, is a financial educator. Most people don't learn things in school that would make a difference in their lives, in their financial lives. We teach what should be taught. If you would like a copy of the book as a gift from Lee, it can be obtained on this website

My work in the social work field was as a non-profit fundraiser and manager. Having personally raised over a quarter of a billion dollars, I can unequivocally report that the life of the giver is enhanced as much as the recipient. That is even more so with THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION. The second highest form of charity (yes, there is a hierarchy) is to give in such a way that the giver and receiver are anonymous to each other. That is why I endorse THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION.


Lee Rosenblum

Financial Educator

Wealthwavelic. 0I06422

11344 Coloma Rd. #240

Gold River, CA 95670

(310) 213-8478

Doug Roy - Magic & Mentalism

Professional mentalist Doug Roy, also known as the “Master of The Unexpected”, is a proud partner of THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION… an incredible organization that brings much-needed relief to those in need around the world!

Doug has a passion clearly seen in his performances! He has his audience members laughing and gasping, almost in the same breath! Doug also connects with his audience in a way that allows them to actually participate in the magic, not just be an observer to it! Doug is perfect for making weddings, reunions, parties, corporate happy hours, and other occasions even more memorable.

Doug also performs his interactive and highly entertaining mentalism anywhere in the world… by Zoom! His virtual shows are tailored to meet your unique requirements, no matter where you are on the globe! So, whether you're seeking entertainment for your business event or training session, a family gathering suitable for all ages, an exclusive adults-only party, or a love-themed show for you and your partner OR for a group date night, rest assured... Doug has you covered!

Bradley K Warren and Associates, Inc. -

Bradley Warren

Bradley Warren

Bradley K. Warren and Associates, Inc.

Brief description of my business:

I help patient investors buy pre-developed land strategically placed in the path of growth in Southern California, hold for approximately 7-10 years, and then sell to developers for huge returns (roughly 3-7X) to build generational wealth.

Our investment range is $25,000-$2,000,000, and many of our investors use IRAs and 401(k)s to buy their properties (must be a Self-Directed IRA). You own the land outright with a fee simple deed, and you can invest with up to 3 other non-family members and up to 7 other family members.

Brief testimonial:

Lori is making a HUGE difference in the lives of disadvantaged people worldwide through her foundation, and I am proud to be a supporter of her efforts.

In fact, I will donate 2% of the GROSS sales price of any parcel I sell that result from an investor mentioning her name when they purchase.

So if you want to build generational and legacy wealth for yourself and your family as well as financially support an outstanding non-profit, please contact me directly at

and mention that you heard about me through Lori. Thanks!

Brad Warren, Land Banking Consultant
Click here to watch a 7-minute intro to land banking:

Watch this interview between me and Marcella Silva, The Land Baroness, on how we both got started in land banking:

Blue Jeans and Berries-

Terry Thompson

Blue Jeans and Berries Terry Thompson is the owner and founder of Blue Jeans and Berries and specializes in helping individuals and families make simple and sustainable changes in their diet and lifestyle so that they may experience more energy, better immune function, healthier weight, better mental clarity, faster workout recovery, reduced need for medications, healthy immune function, and more vibrant life. If you're seeking straightforward and effective health solutions that seamlessly fit into your daily routine, you're in the right place. We believe that achieving and maintaining good health doesn't have to be complicated. Our mission is to empower you with easy-to-implement strategies and practical advice to help you live your best, healthiest life.

Contact Info:

or Call: (501) 798-7051

Health Insurance Consulting-

Thomas Andrews

I immigrated to the United States from Liberia, West Africa in 2002 after many years in the healthcare industry. I wanted a chance at a better life, and I’m grateful that God has blessed me with a beautiful family to join me on this amazing

I received my US citizenship and looked for an opportunity to return to the healthcare industry, into a job that would allow me to help people.

I was finally able to join USHealth, a perfect fit for what I love doing. I really like USHealth because they truly do offer the best options for my clients!

As your personal consultant, I navigate through thousands of healthcare options to find the perfect health insurance policy that fits your needs and budget.

It starts with a quick needs analysis to determine the best type of health and/or life insurance coverage for you.Let’s get on a call, and together we’ll put together your custom plan.

We’ve Helped Thousands Of Clients Just Like You Find The Best Health Insurance Options Available, Whether Public Or Private.

Don’t Miss Out On All You Qualify For!

Thomas Andrews
(571) 278-1712

My digital biz card link:

Oualie Business Solutions-

Otencia Hanley

Oualie Business Solutions is a virtual assistant service providing technical and administrative solutions for small businesses so that you can spend your time doing what you do best, running your business. We will make your mission our vision, and through our partnership we will both experience phenomenal growth. We look forward to serving you.


Dan Hickox

About Dan Hickox

As a West Point graduate, career Air Force pilot and retired Boeing engineer, direct sales felt totally outside my wheelhouse.

I was looking forward to my Boeing retirement when I was first introduced to LegalShield.

Being wired as an engineer, a skeptic at heart, and an introvert by nature, I was skeptical. Yet what I heard sounded amazing. So I did my due diligence, discovered everything to be true, and signed up. And within 6 months, we had saved over $900 in ways I had never contemplated!

That’s why I’ve been sharing the good word every since – 12 years now.

About LegalShield

A trailblazer in the democratization of affordable access to legal advice, counsel, protection, and representation, LegalShield is one of the world’s largest platforms for legal, identity, and reputation management services protecting individuals and businesses across North America.

Founded in 1972, LegalShield and its privacy management product, IDShield, has provided individuals, families, businesses, and employers with tools and services needed to affordably live a just and secure life. Through technology and innovation, LegalShield is disrupting the traditional legal system and transforming how and where people receive legal guidance and services, with access to qualified, trusted attorneys and law firms. LegalShield and IDShield are products of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Dan Hickox

LegalShield and IDShield


LifeWave Stem Cell

Re-Activating Patch-

Geri Whaley, PHD

My name is Geri Whaley, PhD.

I represent a magical product called the Lifewave x39 Stem Cell Re-activating Patch.

I am a Psychologist and have been for 30 years. I have been leading personal growth seminars for the past 40+ years. My passion is to bring aliveness, vitality and abundance into the lives of others.

I am passionate about the x39 patch because I have seen what it has done for 1000’s of people. I did not know this prior to discovering the patch- that by the time we are 30 years old ½ of our original stem cells are dormant. By the time we are 60 most of our stem cells are dormant. And the stem cells are the cells that have the intelligence to heal our body!

So, awakening these cells generates enormous improvement in our sense of vitality, balances our brain, replenishes collagen, addresses many health issues that regular medicine cannot.

I have attached the patent so you can read the findings that earned this patch a US Patent with 90+clinical trials.

The x39 patch is FDA approved, and it is actually affordable!

I am happy to share my personal health success stories and many others that I have heard.

My company website is

General description of the x39 patch can be found at


Why I am trilled to align with the Lori Landin Foundation:

I met with Lori Landin and discovered her work in areas around the world where she is taking orphan children into homes and providing them a place to live, food to eat, clothing, a place to sleep, people who care about them, a safe environment, and a chance for a future.

I am so impressed with her courage to take on this project in her life. She is a grand lady.

CashFlow -

Jeff Johnson

CashFlow is the “COG” that keeps Business Profits flowing!As a CashFlow Analyst & Repairman / Efficiency Consultant for your Business’s Payment Acceptance Procedures & Costs, I Repair the Damage & Costs above initial promises caused by typical Merchant Services Reps!

I provide a No-Obligation Consultation on new & trusted Software/Hardware Solution options with virtual or countertop/mobile terminals to full Point-Of-Sale Systems to Improve Capabilities and to create more Cost-Effective Merchant Services/Payment Solutions for Immediate CashFlow enhancement ($1,000’s to $10,000’s) within E-Commerce, Retail, B2B, B2C/Service Contracting, Medical or Legal Practices, & Hospitality/Restaurants.

*I can save you Money to allow your Cashflow to help grow your business and to have to share with worthy Foundations like this!

Contact info:

Jeff Johnson

Office: 301.502.5042



Fidelity Payment Services -
Mitch Neufeld

Fidelity payments is built on the premise of offering our customers the lowest rates and top notch customer service. We have developed our gateway Cardknox which helps save even more money. Our software is super easy to use and can integrate with QuickBooks and other popular software's. Simply put, you pay less for better service.

We have chosen the Lori Landin foundation as a partner because Lori is a visionary and wants to make the world a better place through love and connection! There is no question this organization will become one of the top organizations worldwide within the next decade!

Mitch Neufeld / Account Manager

Fidelity Payment Services



Certified Independent Sales Partner of Fidelity Payment Services

Apex Money Management & Consulting Inc -

Chase Dobler

Information coming soon...

Lori Landin Events -

Lori Landin

Lori has created an Events Business to bring awareness to the Foundation.

She has partnered with Friend Entertainment USA and other professional musicians, performing artists, athletes, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Coaches, etc. to hold benefit events.

Connect with Lori for more information.

Cell: 1-916-660-2039

Upcoming EVENTS:

Virtual Workshop with Geri Whaley, PhD

Date and Time: TBD

Benefit Golf Tournament

Organized by Deanna Dovel

Mount Airy, Maryland

May 9, 2025


Lori Landin

Lori Landin has joined various business partnerships where she is generating funds to be able to donate back into her Global Non-Profit Organization.

As a philanthropist, she desires to make a difference in the lives of those in need around the world.

Through the following projects, she is not only bringing awareness to her Foundation, but she is creating various revenue streams to allow her to give more.

These projects are in addition to her Events Business, which is also designed to benefit her Foundation.

She is an AMBASSADOR for the following:


Use her Discount Code: oa18892

(She also has a QR Code)

Threads Worldwide


ACN / Impact Health Sharing

Voice Analyzer App



*IIN (Institute for Integrative Nurtrition)

*Keep On Sharing

(She also has a QR Code)

And More!

If you are interested in any of the products or services, or would like more information, please contact Lori.

By making a purchase or joining a business listed above, you will be benefiting her Foundation and serving those in need worldwide.

Cell / Whatsapp: 916-660-2039

Or reach out through the Contact page on this website.


Testimonial for Lori Landin and The Lori Landin Foundation

"I am honored to share my heartfelt testimonial for Lori Landin and the Lori Landin Foundation. Lori is a true angel from above, with a heart of gold that beats passionately for the well-being of children. Her commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of kids is nothing short of remarkable.

Lori's dedication to charity is truly inspiring, and her focus on various aspects, including education, soccer, medical support, clothing, and housing, reflects her holistic approach to improving the lives of those in need. Her selfless efforts have touched the lives of many, creating a lasting impact that extends far beyond the immediate moment.

As a Giving Heart Business Partner/Sponsor, I have had the privilege of witnessing Lori's unwavering commitment to her cause. It is evident that she approaches her mission with genuine care, kindness, and a deep sense of responsibility. Lori has not only made me a proud Giving Heart Business Partner/Sponsor, but she has also instilled in me a greater sense of purpose and a desire to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of others.

Lori Landin is a beacon of compassion and generosity, and her foundation is a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when individuals with a giving heart come together for a common cause. I wholeheartedly recommend supporting Lori Landin and the Lori Landin Foundation for anyone seeking to make a difference in the lives of children and contribute to the betterment of our community."

Gratefully, Norman Wasserman

Friend Entertainment USA

New York

*Norman Wasserman/Friend Entertainment USA, is producing Benefit Tribute Concerts for Lori Landin... to bring awareness to THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION.

Norman Wasserman

Friend Entertainment USA


Mike Weiner



Testimonial for Lori Landin

"I would like to say that I've known Lori for over a year. We met through a mutual friend and within two minutes on a phone call with her, I recognized that she was a visionary.

I have been running my networking organization for 24 years and she is definitely one of the most unique, creative, honest, humble, empowering, uplifting Personalities I have ever met. The work that she is doing for her foundation is absolutely amazing and heartfelt. She is on many of my NRG networking zooms around the country and the world. She always speaks with such passion and inflection in her voice and sincerity, that is just incredible.

Anyone that has the opportunity to interact with Lori or Impact her foundation, I would definitely encourage you to do so! Lori is a beacon of light at every meeting, and you can always see a sparkle in her eye. I love having her in the organization she is not just a member, but she is an amazing friend.

She has an impact on you and you can tell that she is an angel sent by God. One of the best decisions you will make today is to reach out to Lori and set up a call either by phone or zoom and you will understand why I have such tremendous respect for her. She is one in 1 billion and I feel blessed to call her my friend."

Mike Weiner


443 756 9656

*Mike Weiner has named THE LORI LANDIN FOUNDATION, NRG’s “Charity of Choice"

Testimonial for Lori Landin and The Lori Landin Foundation

"Lori Landin and the Lori Landin Foundation are true beacons of compassion. Their global outreach, from supporting education for kids facing financial barriers to ensuring access to life-sustaining food and crucial medical care, is nothing short of extraordinary. The foundation's commitment to providing financial assistance, education, and holistic support showcases their dedication to enhancing lives. Proud to be part of this impactful journey!"

Terry Thompson ~ Nutrition Enthusiast Blue Jeans and Berries

Simple Health Solutions for

Busy People

Cell (714) 658-7051

Text: (501) 798-7051


Terry Thompson

Blue Jeans and Berries


Jean Mayland

My Angel Alert Band


Testimonial for Lori Landin and The Lori Landin Foundation

“Lori is an angel to so many people & has a heart of gold.

How can you not be drawn to her?”...

"...angels are guiding Lori & her foundation

to do amazing things through LOVE!"

"This Foundation is accomplishing so many amazing feats

for people/children who need support."

Testimonial for Lori Landin

"Lori is a life-giver, she is kind, and her heart is so big and she really truly cares...

Maybe you are looking to help those that truly need our help.

Please consider her foundation:

She believes you can change the world, and if you ask me, we all need people in our life that are world changers. I am grateful to call her friend."

Lori Raupe

The Butterfly Publishing Company


Donalt Odiwuor



Testimonial for Lori Landin

"My inspiration! Love your tirelessly hard work!"

"What you do is a testimony of hard work!"

Testimonial for Lori Landin

"You are such a light bringer..."

Julia Gillmor

Trailblazerher Adventure Network

Copy & Marketing Coach

Build a Business Around Your Life

British Columbia

Gilbert Meraz


Testimonial for Lori Landin

Meeting Lori was "a truly special and unforgettable moment..."

Testimonial for Lori Landin

"It was such a blessing and an honor to get to finally meet you face to face.

You are so inspiring."

Danielle Maur

Business & Personal Development Coach


Nadezhda Khvorostian

The Four Figure Coach


Testimonial for Lori Landin

"God bless your giving heart!

Thank you for being YOU!"

Testimonial for The Lori Landin Foundation

The Lori Landin Foundation is... "an incredible organization that brings much-needed relief to those in need around the world!"

Doug Roy

Professional Mentalist

"Master Of The Unexpected"


Mitch Neufeld

Fidelity Payment Services


Testimonial for The Lori Landin Foundation

"The Lori Landin Foundation is doing vital work in Kenya and other third world countries. I can attest through videos and photos that their work is vital and needs more support. The only thing stopping them from doing more good is lack of funds. Please donate generously!"

Mitch Neufeld /Account Manager

Fidelity Payment Services

Mobile: 347-835-9852

Certified Independent Sales Partner

of Fidelity Payment Services

Testimonial for Lori Landin

"LOVE your vision to build a brighter world, Lori Landin!"

Erin Reeves Attere

Fair Trade Leader

Threads WorldWide


Daniel Gomez

Award-Winning Business & Executive Coach

Motivational Keynote Speaker


Testimonial for Lori Landin

"You have the biggest heart of anyone I know!"

We are so grateful for each of you who have supported us and shared these beautiful testimonials.

We look forward to your continued support as we move forward in this journey of global impact...together.

💥Together... We Can Change The World! 💥


Become Part of our Foundation Community

Join us in Giving!

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